Wearing fragrance is easy-a little spritz, and you’re done. But wearing fragrance well, that requires a little more skill and finesse. For example: Did you know that correct placement depends entirely on both the environment in which it’s worn and the outfit for which it accessorizes? And that tendency you have toward dressing your wrists and then rubbing them together? “Very bad,” says award-winning French- Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the nose behind such sophisticated olfactive hits as Christian Dior Eau Noire, Carven Le Parfum, and those from his own eponymous line out of Paris. And, sure, while a bottle of Chanel No.5 may look like the perfect prop for any chic bathroom vanity, the daily stream of steam from the shower may be curbing its freshness (and, in turn, yours). Fortunately, a few simple tweaks can set you back on the right olfactory course. Here are five common mistakes women make when it comes to buying and wearing perfume-and how to fix them in a flash. …READ MORE AT [VOGUE.COM]


Woodsy amber and cedar, sparkling grapefruit and bergamot, orchid, red currant leaves and creamy vanilla blend in to deliver an usual mix of aroma that is alluring and sensual. CK IN2U is perfect for the contemporary women with a young attitude.


Inspired by music, Play is a symphonic scent which skips a heart and catches a beat. Play consists of different instruments but is mainly based around a woody note from Amyris an intensely scented wood also known as torch wood. The other instruments that play an important role are bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit which render a juicy opening, amyris wood, pepper and coffee at the heart that mix up a tune with patchouli and vetiver at the base.