“’80s and ’90s PERFUMES ARE COMING


Perfume, like fashion, is very much a product of its time. Contemporary niche brands like Le Labo, Phlur, and Atelier Cologne favor unique
unisex scents over traditional notes for men and women – a reflection of dissolving gender norms and the increasing popularity of indie brands.
Fragrance “reflects both dominant fantasies and a means of escape from them,” Alyssa Harad, fragrance expert and author of the book
Coming To My Senses, told Allure.

That’s part of what makes the explosion of interest in popular ’80s and ’90s fragrances so fascinating. The two were almost opposite decades,
in a way-the ’80s one of power, excess, and money, while the ’90s embraced androgyny and clean minimalism. Yet here we are, with Bath
and Body Works bringing back a selection of its iconic scents for a limited time, and Calvin Klein releasing its ’90s-inspired fragrance Deep


Michael by Michael Kors is a floral woody musk fragrance. Opening with the top notes of freesia and labdanum, blending with the floral
middle notes of tuberose, violet root, orris and peony, all to melt into the base notes of cool vetiver, velvety cashmere wood and the star,
sensuous musk. Wonderful!


Boss Bottled #6 by Hugo Boss is versatile and is a perfect scent for office, a fun weekend or for a romantic night. Apple shines brilliantly at
the top note and crisply blends with soft florals at the heart. The vanilla with other exotic woods at the dry down settle quick and make an everlasting impression that you wouldn’t want to be without.