“Does Your Quirky Personality Actually Predispose You to a Fragrance”


It’s a well-known fact of life that we tend to switch up our fragrances with the seasons. As the weather gets warmer, we reach for the scents
with more floral and citrus notes; alternatively, as it cools down we crave deep, woodsy musks. But, have you ever considered that you
may be predisposed to exactly which notes you choose based on your personal characteristics?…[READ MORE AT FASHIONISTA.COM]


Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom is a fruity, floraly scent with sweet and juicy notes like apricot, raspberry and strawberry. The soft florals of
freesia, orchid and jasmine mix beautifully with the base of musk and vanilla.


Nautica Life is a woody aromatic scent for men. It is fresh and romantic with notes of aromatic spices, green notes and woody notes.