Three easy steps to “find your smell”
You probably have an abstract idea of what your signature scent should be like already.

Something manly, something earthy, something not too strong. Something sexy. But finding it has so far proven impossible. Because every time you’ve gone to a department store to try and find it you’ve been accosted by over-eager shop assistants, confused by the terminology and pressured into buying something that only smells half as good at home as it did in the store…READ MORE AT [ESQUIREME.COM]


This is a lush, modern, contemporary and sophisticated fragrance ideal for special occasions and evening. A unique combination of gardenia, tuberose, creamy musk, earthy amber and peonies are blended with warm pepper, ginger and cardamom. This brings perfection to a confident and elegant woman. The bottle is itself a jewel inspired by the different facets in a diamond.


With just one spray, this scent will give any man confidence like he’s never experienced before. This enticing and intoxicating potion in a bottle, blends notes of mandarin, lemon, fennel, patchouli and ylang-ylang to make a daring, bold and heavenly masculine scent. No other scent will have you feeling so confident and so suave.