From luxe and lavish to boho and flirty, there is a fragrance out there for every type of woman. Here, we break down the best new scents to suit your style.
Ladylike & Feminine: Big white floral perfumes are making a comeback this season, the perfect accompaniment to the sophisticated, refined elegance we saw on the runways. This new crop, however, isn’t like the aggressive boutiques of the ’80s. “What you want is to smell like flowers, not mixed with too many different notes,” explains perfumer David Seth Molts of D.S. & Durga. Look for creamy tuberose, velvety ylang-ylang, or heady gardenia, combined with warming elements, such as powder, cedar, or sandalwood, which help the fragrance settle on your skin and last all day…READ MORE AT [HARPERSBAZAAR.COM]


Joy Of Pink by Lacoste is an exhilarating and refreshing fragrance for women who are young and full of life! This scent builds on a strong base of musk and cedar, with lighter, gentler notes of grapefruit, peony and curacao. A bright, sparkling exotic fragrance.


Hugo XY For Men by Hugo Boss is a woody, aromatic scent that is fresh, green and soothing. It’s a refreshing fragrance that revives you and gives you new energy. With it’s bouquet of green notes, it makes for a scent that is clean and airy, but not overpowering. A nice fragrance from start to finish.