“How to Make Your Scent Last”
Allure Magazine

The way you apply fragrance-and where you store the bottle-can make all the difference.
* Spritzing on fragrance can be like consuming cocktails: One too many and everyone around you is
cringing. A good rule is just one or two drops of perfume, up to three sprays of eau de parfum, up to four of
eau de toilette, and no more than six of cologne. [read more at Allure.com…]


Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense is a spicy, oriental scent. Top notes of neroli and mandarin are fragrant and zesty. Middle
notes of orange blossom and tuberose are soft and base notes of marshmallow and sandalwood are sweet and delicious.


This is an aromatic scent with juicy top notes of lemon, apple and vibrant mint. Middle notes of geranium and tonka bean are
fresh and aromatic, while base notes of oakmoss, vetiver, vanilla and cedar are earthy and warm.