Over the past 18 years, Frederic Malle has launched many fine fragrances under his Editions de Parfums label. But last year the Parisian tried his hand at something new-his first children’s perfume. Called Sale Gosse (playful translation: “spoiled brat”), the petitgrain-and-violet-spiked scent promptly became the It-baby gift among chic Europeans. Yet when Sale Gosse arrives in the U.S. this summer, it will be sold as an adult fragrance. Kids’ perfumes, it would seem, haven’t quite caught on here…READ MORE AT [VOGUE.COM]


With a mixture of praline, black currant, patchouli, pear and jasmine, B.U.M. SPIRIT will have you feeling confident and sexy wherever you wear this lovely scent. B.U.M. SPIRIT is perfect for the sophisticated and glamorous woman and can be worn for coffee with the girls or even on date night! Wherever you wear B.U.M. SPIRIT heads are sure to turn and all eyes will be on you.


B.U.M. Brave is perfect for the outdoorsman who is rugged and charming and loves nature and all it has to offer. With a mixture of notes such as guava, passion fruit, patchouli, star anise, bergamot and ginger, B.U.M . BRAVE is a truly unique scent. This fragrance is perfect for days spent exploring unchartered territory, nights spent by the fire with your special someone and nights full of wonder. Wherever you wear this scent you’ll feel confident, masculine and ready to take on the world.