In the early 2000s, the celebrity fragrance business seemed to hit a fever pitch. It felt like you couldn’t walk into a department store, a bigbox
store, or even a drugstore without seeing a sign announcing a new launch. The trend was democratic: Actresses, musicians, models, reality television stars, upmarket, down-market-it didn’t matter who you were or where you were, there genuinely seemed to be a scent for everyone… READ MORE AT [VOGUE.COM]


Marc Jacobs Dot is a fruity, floral scent. Housed is a fun and playful polka-dot bottle, this sweet and exciting scent is great for any collector. It opens with sweet and fragrant Dragon fruit, red berries and honeysuckle. Middle notes of coconut, orange blossom and jasmine are in a base of musk, driftwood and vanilla.


Burberry Weekend is for all those casual times when you want to smell good, but not too sophisticated or overpowering. Weekends, or even everyday is a perfect time to wear this cologne. It’s notes of honey, amber and oak moss make it a relaxing and comfortable fragrance.