“I love this flower because it’s deceptive,” says master perfumer Sophie Labbé of the tuberose. “You think she’s innocent, but she’s not. She’s dangerous.”
Tuberose flowers, which sprout in white, star-like clusters along dramatically long green shoots, emit one of the most alluring, and subversive, aromas used in perfumery. This floral femme fatale’s heady, narcotically sweet scent is often described as voluptuous, even fleshy- it has an almost physical weight when it hangs in the air. To the Victorians, it was so distressingly seductive that young women were warned not to get too close to the night-blooming blossoms lest an accidental whiff awaken dangerously illicit desire… READ MORE AT [townandcountrymag.com]


Michael Kors Sexy Ruby is as sparkling and brilliant as the jewel it’s named after. Notes of fresh, juicy raspberries and apricots combine with lush florals and sensual cashmere wood for a fiery aroma that will have you addicted.


Blue Jeans is timeless and a truly a must-have for everyone. It is a fresh and an airy cocktail of citrus fruits, woods and spices which blend
together to give out an intoxicating fragrance that goes perfectly with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Spices, herbs, woods, floral and citrus
notes have an unconditional contribution to the masculinity and sensuality of the fragrance.