“Why You Should Break This Beauty Rule”
Allure Magazine

Using scent to create an aura of coolness comes down to tension and complexity. Picture the way Sofia Coppola or Leaf Greener throws together outfits, mixing designer and vintage pieces in an offhand way. The same combinations exist in fragrance, says perfumer Fabrice Penot, cofounder of the Le Labo fragrance boutique in New York City. The key is to look for a scent that takes a familiar note and pairs it effortlessly with an offbeat element.

* Break the rules. Fragrances created for women typically blend florals with sweet notes that are thought to be overtly feminine, such as vanilla. Instead, look for one that combines flowers with something unexpected, like patchouli or pepper. There is a darkness to these mixtures that’s mildly animalistic, but still soft, with ladylike overtones [read more at Allure.com…]


This fragrance is a more potent version of the original Versace Bright Crystal without being overpowering. This fruity, floraly scent has top notes of pomegranate and yuzu, with soft middle notes of magnolia, lotus and raspberry. Base notes are a warm mix of amber and musk.


This scent is a spicy, oriental fragrance. Top notes of anise, bergamot and lavender are zesty and fresh. Middle notes of plum, cinnamon and nutmeg are sweet and spicy. Base notes of amber, patchouli and leather are warm and masculine.