I love perfumes and love collecting them. Every month, I write down which perfumes I’m wearing, so I can look back later and see what sort of mood I was in that month. One of my favorite things to do with book or movie characters is to read different fragrance notes and find just the right perfume for my favorite characters. Scent is said to be connected to memory in a powerful way.
Can you imagine if the Harry Potter books were somehow scented? (I bet in Harry’s world, novels ARE scented.) What would the magical world smell like? I’d like to imagine that it smells amazing, usually. Being that I live in the muggle world, I combed through fragrance notes online to find the perfect fragrances for just a sampling of Harry Potter characters. Obviously, I could not include everyone, but I’ve attempted to make a well-rounded list… READ MORE AT [BOOKRIOT.com]


Inspired by love, Nicole Miller Amour is a fruity chypre scent.This romantic and feminine scent contains sensual florals like Jasmine, White Peony, Orange Blossom and Orchid that come together with White musk, Vanilla and Patchouli for an enchanting yet sensual experience.


Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is a fragrance inspired by the purity of the ocean. The fresh elegance of Polo Blue is due to the extraordinary combination of notes like melon, cucumber and mandarin orange that burst out with an invigorating aroma. The heart is soft with verbena, geranium, sage and basil while it finishes with musk, moss, burnt amber, patchouli and velvety suede.