A good scent is so much more than just a tool to keep odour away. F r o m memories of innocent childhood, running into rebellious adolescence. The warmth and comfort of the known to the absolute dive into the future, unknown. Nostalgia or an eagerness for what is to come, the right perfume can induce either and so much more. Check out the scents that made it to this year’s Vogue Beauty Awards 2017 winners for the category, Best of Fragrance… READ MORE AT [VOGUE.IN]

Newsletter 8-23-17

Michael Kors Wonderlust is an oriental floral fragrance. Top notes are creamy almond milk, fresh bergamot and zesty pink pepperorn. Floral notes at the center consist of dianthus and heliotrope. The base of benzoin and sandalwood round out this sensual scent.

Newsletter 8-23-17

Dreamer by Versace is a sharp oriental scent that goes on rather intensely. It possesses notes of lavender, mandarin and sage, on top of a heart of rose, geranium and tobacco. The base consists of vetiver,cedar, tonka and fir. A truly masculine scent. Recommended for daytime wear.