“Weird Fragrance Notes That Actually Smell Kind of Amazing”
Refinery 29

Your favorite fragrance is likely comprised of quite a few scents – and there are some pretty wacky ones out there. Don’t believeus? Balenciaga’s newest perfume channels a Japanese appetizer. Meanwhile, there’s a bottle on the market with notes of English Novel. The crazy part is that these scents – at least when they’re mixed with the rest of the fragrance – smell amazing. [read more at Refinery29.com…]


Both vibrant and intoxicating, Angel is truly scent from from above. Blends of chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood create this agorgeous fragrance wearable for all occasions.


Jimmy Choo Man is an aromatic, fresh and fruity scent. Notes of pink pepper, suede and pineapple leaf make this an enticing scent!